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VERUM MANAGEMENT: Comprehensive consulting

At Verum Management we are specialists in comprehensive advice for SMEs, large companies and freelancers . Our team attends to all the needs of the organization at an accounting, tax, labor, financial, legal and business level.

In addition, our professional services include carrying out different types of audits, such as audits of accounts, internal, due-diligence and audits of accounts to apply for subsidies.

To offer comprehensive advisory services, at Verum Management we have a multidisciplinary professional team , who accumulates more than 20 years of experience in consulting companies of recognized prestige worldwide and holding management positions of various profiles in multinational and family companies.

Performance of audits by personnel registered in the ROAC.

More than 20 years comprehensively advising large companies, SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Our services

Comprehensive advice

We analyze and study the company, its economic environment, and then apply it to the fiscal and accounting management of the company, always choosing the most convenient option for you and with the aim of maximizing your benefits.

Wealth management and investments

We advise on the optimal portfolio composition to have at all times and what assets should be rotated.

Our management includes not only financial assets but also real estate assets, works of art, intellectual property…

Corporate finance

The objective of these audits is to verify that the internal control systems established by the company are complied with while being effective and efficient.

Our professional services include carrying out different types of audits.


We intend to help our clients to reduce the amount to be paid in Inheritance and Gift Tax on inheritances and donations.


Our high teaching experience allows us to design a training plan completely adapted to your needs.

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