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2017 income statement campaign: how to avoid phishing

& lt; What is phishing? The phishing is a fraud system that consists in cheating or obtaining confidential data fraudulently.

What is phishing?

The phishing is a fraud system that consists in cheating or obtaining confidential data fraudulently. Through a hoax (generally they go through an administration, banking entity or company), they request client’s private data for subsequent use. These data are passwords, credit cards or bank information.

The Income Declaration: Telling objective

    • The Tax Agency never requests by e-mail confidential information about a user: account numbers, bank card, etc.
    • Distrust of those messages that redirect to different pages of the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency.
    • The Tax Agency offers in this link All relevant information to warn about different fraud attempts.

tips to avoid phishing

Next, we give you some tips to avoid phishing cases:

  • 1. Use markers or the search engine to enter bank accounts

To manage your online bank, enter through the browser bar itself or the “markers” tab. Avoid entering through hyperlinks, since one of the most outstanding phishing techniques is the replication of websites to make them go through the original.

  • 2. If you doubt security, do not risk and consult the original source

If, in a situation of possible phishing, you have doubts, do not rush and consult the original source. In addition, your bank or financial will not request your confidential data via online without any certificate or extra security system.

  • 3. Phishing not only lives from email: social and mobile networks are also the objective of phishing

Social networks or SMS are also a phishing entry source. Generally, they intend to access your confidential data through hooks such as prizes or competitions.

  • 4. Attachments

Another method to get confidential data is through attachments in email. These files can infect our device with malware, and therefore access private data and files. In those emails from which you distrust, avoid downloading the attachments.

  • 5. Integral advice saves time, money and problems.

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