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el equipo de verum es un equipo multidisciplinar a su servicio para asesoramiento empresarial

Meet the Verum team

We are a multidisciplinary team at your service, with extensive experience and professionals of recognized prestige in the field of business consulting.

Confidentiality is one of the prevailing values in our relationship with clients. Our goal is to assist you with any needs you may have, with the intention of going beyond the advisor-client relationship, transcending the mere commercial relationship to create a personal and committed relationship focused on the success of companies and entrepreneurs.


The professional team at Verum has held high-level managerial positions in both multinational companies and family businesses, as well as in the field of consulting and auditing.

We handle different approaches and realities in business management, as well as best practices for optimizing your needs.

Our experience speaks for itself. With over 20 years of professional experience at the highest level, our team has held relevant positions in globally renowned consulting firms and has successfully occupied management positions of various profiles (financial, commercial, managerial, etc.) in both multinational and family companies across a wide spectrum.

el equipo verum tiene más de 20 años de trayectoria en campos de asesoría y auditoría


Accounting and tax area

Iván Ribelles Hellín, socio director y asesor fiscal y contable

Iván Ribelles Hellín

Managing partner
Tax and accounting advisor / Economist

Labor area

Lorena Piñana, Abogada y responsable del área laboral.

Lorena Piñana López

Employment advisor / Trainer

Financial-strategic consulting area

Esteban Bueno, socio director de Verum Asesores y responsable del área de consultoría financiero-estratégica

Esteban Bueno Carrillo

Managing partner
Financial advisor

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