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Our work philosophy is to provide solutions to all types of companies, small, medium and large. But above all to the people who are part of them directly or indirectly. Following this philosophy and with the idea of ​​avoiding exclusion and promoting accessibility to our services and information, we prioritize the need for its content to always be easily accessible to everyone.

We use development techniques in it to facilitate reading, navigation within the content and the specification of the information contained. The size of the fonts is customizable and you can change it according to your needs. Both with the browser options to change the size of the texts, and with the simple movement of the mouse wheel while holding down the Control key.

The size of the fonts used is customizable and the visitor can change it according to their needs. Most browsers have a menu option (View – Text Size) that will allow you to make fonts bigger and smaller, and you can achieve the same effect by rolling the mouse wheel while pressing the Control key.

This web page has been developed to meet the level AA compliance criteria of the WCAG Guidelines 2.1 in the Digital Kit Program. Structured criteria according to the annexes of the UNE-EN 301 549:2022 standard.

Our work and our efforts are aimed at continuously improving the content and accessibility of our website. For this reason, we hope for your collaboration and we invite you to help us continue to improve this website by sending your comments and suggestions in the “Contact” section.

Thanks for your visit.