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el equipo de verum revisando datos para ofrecer el mejor asesoramiento contable.

Accounting advice

We handle your accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and current legal regulations, ensuring that your company’s accounts accurately reflect the true picture of its assets and financial position.

Verum takes care of handling your accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and current legal regulations, in order to ensure that your company’s accounts accurately reflect the true financial position and status of your assets.

In the area of Accounting Advisory, we offer specialized services that allow you to outsource the accounting and financial processes of your company.

We have economists who meet the expectations of our clients. We provide accounting advice characterized by a high knowledge of taxes and a strong financial and accounting background. This allows us to offer real solutions in the areas of Accounting and Tax Management.

Our accounting advisory service is complemented and supported by our tax advisory and tax management service, providing comprehensive development in the implementation and adaptation of the Chart of Accounts.

Among our services, we offer consultations on any accounting management, analysis of accounting in all its aspects including financial, equity, treasury, break-even analysis, working capital, profitability rate, and everything included in a balance sheet analysis. We also provide the preparation of mandatory official books such as General Journal, General Ledger, VAT Register, Inventories, and Annual Accounts with their management report and memorandum, minutes book, and shareholder register. We assist in the preparation and filing for deposit of Annual Accounts with the Commercial Registry, as well as the preparation and management of accounting either at our office or at the client’s premises, based on the corresponding documentation such as invoices, bank transactions, payroll, etc., for all types of companies.

In summary, we support national and foreign companies in their daily operations, assisting them with tax filing, accounting management, and administrative tasks. We provide comprehensive and effective accounting and tax advisory services.

In our accounting advisory services, we cover different types of economic activities that businesses can adopt:

  • Commercial activities, which we complement with accounting advice and resolution of queries based on specific regulations, along with tax advisory to handle the taxes applicable to the activity.
  • Non-commercial business activities, where we perform economic and accounting control, with a greater focus on tax advisory to determine the taxation applicable to the activity.
  • Professional activities, where our accounting advisory merges with tax advisory, given the direct tax liability of professional activities.

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    “don’t count the days, make the days count.” Mohammed Ali.

    Add and count invoices are not the same as being an accounting advisor. On the one hand, of course, adding the data of the different invoices, ordering and reviewing them, is an activity that is carried out systematically within any procedure related to accounting management. Now, the terms management and advice refer to a more depth level, addressing from the state of the accounts … to the explanation about it, offering, given, given The case, different options to correct or enhance the company’s course to advise. Thus, this of what we are talking about is not processing, but we are facing what is known as accounting advice.

    Accounting management or advice allows to clearly organize the accounting of a company, so that the employer knows the status of their accounts at all levels: results account, balance, provisional position of treasury, etc. A good accounting advice service allows optimal planning of the company strategy: investment projects, expansion plans, etc., since the information obtained from good accounting management can be analyzed with guarantees, and allows program future actions strategically and safely.

    Accounting advice constitutes, in its various aspects, a dynamic and stimulating field of action, since it helps to know and solve many problems within the company. Every consulting firm, dispatch or advice dedicated to this type of activities is – or should be forced to offer customers a quality service. Therefore, in the first place, it is pointed out as necessary or imperative that the advisors carry out an evaluation of the accounts of their clients in a qualified way, something that is only possible when all the aspects and realities of the company are known.

    For a good accounting study, customers should be consulted on broad aspects of their business, since currently, companies need to minimize costs, and raise business strategies. The current accounting work must offer value data so that companies can carry out these tasks. Therefore, it is specified that the advisor goes beyond the traditional accounting models and adapts to the needs of the market in which their advisory operates.

    We pass it short and to the foot : it must be passed from the traditional approach of the manager (mere processor of the accounting information), to that of an advisor, which goes further (strategic ally). < /p>

    This is, among other aspects, accounting advice allows: create strategies around the costs of the company, to implement and control them; Develop treasury forecasts that allow facilitating financing negotiation at times of treasury deficit; make the treasury surpluses to the fullest; Carry out future projections to value the company in the event of processes of sale, or even in the face of entry and/or shareholder output negotiation scenarios. These are just some of the examples, which, as expected, depending on the proposed case, will appear in one way or another.

    We are clear: we can offer you the quality service you are looking for. We have expert economists who offer this service personalized and adapted to your needs. The best thing is that you contact us at

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