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An important change: from SME to a great company

“man rushes in error more quickly than rivers run to the sea.” Voltaire. There is a key element in the

“man rushes in error more quickly than rivers run to the sea.” Voltaire.

There is a key element in the Management from which all decisions are based: perspectives. Good through data, either through trends, either through sensations – although this last focus is not rigorous, or of course, recommended. The perspectives of growth or evolution of an organization show results, livelihood to move towards one direction or another. Deciding whether a business line is diversified, a capital increase is produced, work is canceled in a delegation or a job announcement is convened, they are some of the examples of this process of solved reflection with answers that intend to be objective, concrete , and therefore, effective.

In this game of exact variables we included the sensations before. The reason is because companies, computer calculation programs, execution reports or theoretical references to the one We refer to the illogical time- for decision making. That is why on many occasions, in view of certain indicative, many responsible for medium -sized companies, after observing the good economic balance of their businesses, are decided to leave behind the world of SME to make the leap to the great company.

Now, is it right? Do you know what it means? We presuppose that there is a bast and deep analysis, but sometimes … it may have been based on sensations. Let’s go with objective references.

a deeper change than the denomination

to jump from the status of small and medium enterprises involves undertaking a previous comprehensive study of each area and business and business factor – yes, here we must talk about the way in which the company obtains income based on his activity, as well as his commercial condition. And this change applies to the way in which the financing procedures are resolved -as we talked to our previous entry -, the way in which its accounting or its tax condition must be processed, among other tax obligations.

Starting from the base that every large company is obliged to audit its annual accounts , it must also be noted that you must respond to certain aspects during consecutive periods of two years. According to the General Spanish Accounting Plan, it is mandatory that large companies reach several objectives when they are constituted as such, such as:

– That the asset exceeds the 2.85 million euros.
– That the net amount of its annual business figure is exceeding 5.7 million euros.
– That the middle template in a year reaches 51 people .

From the accounting point of view, move from SME to a large company has some peculiarities. To begin with, the valuation rules are no longer simplified and the tax models are more complex. With regard to VAT, a company is considered a large company if its volume of operations in the previous year is greater than 6 million euros. Large companies are required to present the VAT liquidation with monthly periodicity instead of quarterly.

On the other hand there is hacienda , which changes this criterion to determine whether a certain society is great or medium -sized company. The limit is 10 million euros in the net amount of the business figure. In the event that several companies are integrated into a matrix or group, the consolidated results of the conglomerate will be taken into account. We also remember that the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, recently increased the tax rate of fractional payments to the Corporation Tax -crofestral estate of the IS to the Treasury- to 23%, so you have to have additional planning so as not to fall into financial costs or resignations to the treasury for this fact.

positive impact

Obviously, there are other effects on this change that are positive in the emergence of large companies. And we do not refer only to the Board of Directors that form it, but to the impact it generates on the rest of the agents involved. , therefore, we will find that its ecosystem – although we take this with tweezers, due to the upics glocal that currently prevails – will obtain a significant increase in demand, that It will generate more employment , more quotes … that is, the wheel will turn more strongly.

Continuing with the idea of ​​impact, from inside doors, they will generate considerable job, even becoming claims or interest of certain locations for possible new headquarters or delegations. Let’s not forget that when we talk about employment, we talk about gross salary, quotes, the inverted material ad hoc to do it, the canons of amortization of such equipment, the taxes of the direct costs, among all the items that we would analyze, for example in an audit.

As for commercial capacity, it is also evident that a large company has greater facilities to carry out scale economies. , it is defined as the fall in the average cost of a product per unit, tailored that the scale of production increases. In other words: more competitiveness through prices, because there is more production capacity. If we also talk about the impact it generates on corporate talent, in this case, it is also logical Where can you retain more).

necessary advice

For obvious reasons, we have not been able to break this whole matter with enough depth that it would require, yes, we wanted to contribute several necessary main ideas, so that if finally, you are thinking of making the jump from SME to a large company , you consider at least the following key points:

– the importance of the mandatory annual audit.
– the way in which they pay and liquidate their taxes (monthly vs. quarterly).
– The necessary accounting modification in your daily calculation and management.
– Changes in fractional payments of the Corporation Tax.
– the labor section (taxes, ss regime, agreements …).

In Verum Management we are specialists in integral business advice, that is, accounting, fiscal and labor aspects, in addition to managing investments, business restructuring and other operations for societies and partners.

We have worked with a multitude of companies that at the right time, have decided to enlarge their condition in successful legal and tax matters. We advance: it’s not anything. It is an important operation, so our work will be based on the thorough study of all the factors to take into account, so that “the sensations” are in the background. Contact: <a “href=” mailto: “>


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