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Realizando auditoría interna de empresa con datos en pantalla para comprobar estrategias de empresa y cumplimiento de normas

Internal audits

Internal audits, control audits, or continuous monitoring audits are conducted to verify that the internal control systems established by the company are being followed, thereby reducing the risk of errors and irregularities.

Verum is responsible for conducting the internal audit of your company to provide security regarding the company’s strategies, the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, and compliance with laws, regulations, standards, and policies that affect businesses.

Through our internal audit control, we measure and evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing control and efficiency within the company.

We conduct an internal audit based on an asset protection and risk control approach. For this purpose, we have highly experienced professionals in a wide range of industrial sectors who work closely with our clients to build a high-quality internal audit.

Verum is responsible for designing the internal audit plan, executing it, performing internal control, ensuring processes, designing the organizational structure of the Internal Audit department, and creating operating manuals for the internal audit area of our clients.

With all of this, we assist the company’s management in fulfilling their functions and responsibilities. We provide objective analysis, evaluations, recommendations, and all kinds of relevant comments on the examined operations.

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