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personal de Verum revisando datos para asesorar en gestión y estrategia empresarial

Management audits

We measure the effectiveness or efficiency of administrative, accounting, and/or financial departments. To do so, we conduct reviews at the request of management on clients, suppliers, treasury, warehouses, etc.

Verum is responsible for conducting management audits to help its clients analyze, diagnose, and establish recommendations in order to successfully implement the strategies that companies wish to pursue.

With our management audit, we assist companies in making the necessary changes to readjust their management or organization. We conduct an objective, specific, and comprehensive evaluation of our clients’ activities to fulfill their purposes and objectives.

Within the objectives of this audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of internal policies, regulations in accordance with their mission, objectives, and strategic plans. We examine each operational aspect of the company in detail, and in determining the scope, we consider the achievement of institutional objectives, organizational structure, individual employee participation, verification of compliance with general and specific regulations, evaluation of efficiency, measurement of the reliability of financial information, and addressing the existence of ineffective or more costly procedures.

Our management audit focuses on circumstances such as acquisitions, mergers, or Joint Ventures, reorganizations, restructurings, missions or public offerings, legislative changes, and market fluctuations.

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