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Realizando auditorías para la concesión de ayudas públicas disponibles para empresas

Public grants audit

Currently, the Central Government, Autonomous Communities, and Municipalities provide grants or loans for specific activities of interest to their respective areas of influence, and these grants need to be audited by a certified public accountant like those available at Verum.

Many of the public grants that a company can access require an audit report on the justification of expenses incurred for the grant, which must be certified by a certified public accountant registered with the ROAC.

Administrations are requiring an additional audit report to be submitted along with the grant application. Verum assists companies in conducting the required audits as specified in the regulatory guidelines for public grants. Our team is well-versed in the current legislation regarding the auditor’s role in reviewing grants, making us a valuable partner in securing financing for your company.

At Verum, we assist you with audits for national, regional, and municipal grants, as well as specific programs such as Innoempresa, Innplanta, PID, Avanza, Reindus, Competitiveness Plans, Expande, Cenit, IVACE, Innpacto, CDTIs, Feder projects, and more.


The projects submitted to CDTI must be audited by an auditor registered with the ROAC, who must apply the necessary audit procedures for the preparation of the justification report before the organization.


Regional and municipal governments grant subsidies and loans to encourage R&D projects, for which an audit of the expenditure justification account is required.


At the national level, public administrations grant aid and subsidies, for which the beneficiary must provide a report on the review of the justification account by an ROAC auditor.


To be eligible for grants or subsidies offered at the European level, it is necessary to provide a report from an independent auditor qualified by the ROAC.

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