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empleado del ministerio en edificio de oficinas, concesión de ayudas nacionales para empresas

National grants

At the national level, public administrations grant aid and subsidies, for which the beneficiary must provide a report on the review of the justification account by a ROAC auditor.

At the national level, various grants are published aimed at large companies, SMEs, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs that require a justification account audit.

Our technical team consists of auditors registered with ROAC who must verify the proper justification according to the regulations established for each grant.

Moreover, thanks to our over 20 years of experience in conducting audits, our team helps address any non-compliance issues by the beneficiary in relation to applicable regulations and ensures compliance with the conditions imposed for obtaining the subsidy.

Additionally, besides the CDTI grants, our technical team specializes in auditing projects from the following nationally published calls for proposals:

  • Subsidies for supporting innovative business groupings (AEI)
  • FEDER fund grants
  • ICO-IDAE loans for energy efficiency
  • Regional economic incentives
  • ENISA financing lines
  • IDAE grants for energy efficiency
  • Innovation projects carried out by operational groups
  • Grants for Industry 4.0 projects
  • PROFARMA program (health sector)
  • Creation of supra-autonomous operational groups
  • Grants for industrial doctorates in companies
  • PLEAMAR program for the fishing and aquaculture sector
  • Torres-Quevedo grants
  • REINDUS program
  • Collaboration Challenges grant program


And many more…

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