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Benefits of Interim management

Can the company’s management staff face any situation without external support? The answer is “no”, and there is nothing wrong

Can the company’s management staff face any situation without external support? The answer is “no”, and there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes, a gesture of wisdom, strategy and even business leadership lies in the search for a point of view or executor other than those arranged in the board of directors of a company.

The Interim Management is a limited management service provided by a manager with a lot of experience expressly hired to direct an exceptional situation or specific project in order to achieve the objectives set in a given period of time. This provides a quick and efficient solution to the management needs of the company since the interim managers are high -level professionals, capable of providing their expertise and skills to obtain value results within the company .

Benefits of interim management often situations, opportunities or threats that the management table are not trained to resolve effectively and that need to be managed by a specialized external professional executive for a limited time in a interim management regime until Get the desired objectives.

These are the main areas of action in which the interim management services are hired:

  • Business restructuring
  • Substitution of managers
  • Management function in specific projects
  • Start-up development

Therefore some examples of these areas would be:

  • New creation projects: START-UPS, new product launches to the market, positioning of new brands, etc.
  • Projects to carry out different changes: business division, mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, restructuring, employment regulation files.
  • Perform different functions with a temporary character: audits, prolonged temporary substitutions of middle managers, directors and managers, advice and consulting.

Responsibility and demand Interim Managers are motivated professionals who know what the company expects from them. Being oriented to a specific task, they get the fastest implementation for the company.

Interim Managers add value to your company immediately. His experience, his proven skills in different companies, his deep Know-How and their orientation towards the results, ensure effective fulfillment of the mission entrusted.

The interim management of the manager interim to his team.

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