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Calendar of the Income Declaration 2018

April 2 begins the campaign of the Income Declaration 2018 . This day the deadline for the presentation online

April 2 begins the campaign of the Income Declaration 2018 . This day the deadline for the presentation online and by phone opens. For its part, the presentation of the declaration in person begins on May 14.

On July 1 is the deadline for taxpayers to submit their statement.

calendar of the income statement

  • March 15: the consultation of fiscal data is opened and obtaining the reference number on the website of the Tax Agency.
  • April 1: the request for a previous appointment opens.
  • April 2: The deadline for the beginning of the presentation of income and heritage statements 2018 online or by telephone is opened. The end of the term will end on July 1, 2019.
  • May 14: The face -to -face attention begins.
  • June 26: deadline for the banking domiciliation of the statements to enter.
  • June 28: last day to request the previous appointment.
  • July 1: ends the campaign of the 2018 Income Declaration.

News of the Income Declaration 2018

Among the main novelties of this income campaign, the following are presented:

  • Taxpayers with yields from 2 payers who are less than € 12,643 are not obliged to perform it. (For a single payer, the limit is € 22,000).
  • The exemption of the retaining benefits of maternity and paternity is incorporated (judgment of October 2018).
  • The deduction for large family is extended up to 600 euros per year for each child that exceeds the minimum number.
  • € 1,000 can be deduced when the taxpayer would have made custody expenses of the child under 3 years in authorized childhood education centers.
  • Increased limits of the scholarships .
  • The maximum deduction base is increased to 60,000 euros in the case of investment in companies new or recent creation.

What deductions can you include in the income statement?

We have a specialized department to help you with your income statement. For any consultation on the 2018 Income Declaration, you can contact our technical team in

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