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Choose a Fiscal Advisor

Taxation is the set of norms and laws that govern the taxes that tax the activity of companies and individuals.

Taxation is the set of norms and laws that govern the taxes that tax the activity of companies and individuals. The correct interpretation of taxation and its application to the reality of each activity defines the tax burden of each company.

With this theoretical basis on the imposition for companies we start a new entry on our blog, which, on each occasion, we intend to be a business improvement space for SMEs and large companies. We say business improvement in this field of taxes because the importance of fiscal planning in any type of company is decisive.

Fiscal Planning

It seems that talking about fiscal planning is talking about tax havens, tactics to evade taxes and other stories not to sleep . None of that: it is simply about having a control of what needs to be paid, how to do it, where, why concepts, and obviously, know if there is any legal aspect that benefits the company. That’s it. Pay taxes, for one issue or another, all companies end up paying. If not in one game, in another.

Such is its importance that for many years the fiscal consulting services have proliferated. First, how could it be otherwise, among the big corporations, highlighting, as we previously saw those known as Big Four. Gradually, the tax system was expanding its scope, and therefore, the way of controlling and planning how to address taxes was expanding to all kinds of companies.

This advice is especially relevant to small and medium enterprises. These usually seek an outsourced tax service, since they find it cheaper than having their own resources. Today we will focus on them. Here are a tips to choose the best fiscal advisor.

1. What do I want?

First study your field of action, that is, analyze your needs and know what kind of service you need. For example:

– Tax Advice
– Investment planning
– Tax inspection and claim procedures
– Local or territorial taxes, etc.

2. Know Yourself

Secondly, it is important that you study the size and type of activity of your company. A retail trade is not the same as a real estate society or agri -food industry. It is not the same a company that only has one headquarters in Valencia, that another that has venues distributed in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Mallorca.

3. Think about the future

Once you have all this clear, use your conclusions. When you have them, as you have already done an investigation and analysis of your needs, you will be oriented in the search for quality professional services that can cover all your needs. Now, do not think only of the present! It is always appropriate to think about the situation in which your company will be in the medium term. Have you raised if …?

– Are you going to export and do not currently?
– Do you plan to perform R&D activities?
– Are you going to implant yourself in any other area of ​​the Spanish territory?
– Are you going to acquire assets?

an important decision

Keep in mind that taxes and their management represent a great responsibility, so it is essential that you know the team or the advisor that will manage your fiscal strategy and trust him. In addition and especially in the case of SMEs, the tax advisor can influence many decisions, which can then have a direct impact on the rates that will be paid later.

In short, remember that fiscal advisors are very important professionals for their impact on company management decisions. They are not – or should not be mere “complexes” of tax models (111, 303, etc.). His work is much more transcendent, since his knowledge of the company and the entrepreneur allows the taxation of both, for which he proposes planned strategies. When choosing a professional or team, keep in mind that you will have to understand and trust them so that in the end you put into practice the marked decisions.

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