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El personal de VERUM trabajando para ofrecer el mejor asesoramiento fiscal y contable

Comprehensive advice

Verum is a company dedicated to comprehensive advisory services for businesses. We assist large companies, SMEs, partnerships, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs in their business management. We analyze and study the company and its economic environment to apply it to the fiscal and accounting management of the business, always choosing the most convenient option for you with the objective of maximizing your profits.

We provide a comprehensive service that ranges from planning the company’s fiscal situation with proactive study up to the fiscal year-end, economic and commercial analysis and reports, labor advisory and management, accounting advisory and management, company formation, and legal advice, among others.


We handle your accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and current legal regulations, in order to ensure that your company’s accounts accurately reflect the true financial position and status of your assets.


Our tax advisory services aim to achieve the greatest tax advantages for each of our clients, while also providing them with the assurance of safety and efficiency in adapting to tax regulations.


We handle all the management and obligations in labor matters that your company needs: consultations, registration with Social Security, hiring and termination of employees, self-employment registration, subsidy applications, etc.


We provide legal advisory services in the areas of commercial, civil, and administrative law. We cover matters related to commercial law and assist in the establishment of the most suitable corporate form for your business project.


We also provide additional services such as:

  • Interim management.
  • External supervision of financial management.
  • Recruitment, negotiation, and hiring of personnel, especially executives and senior managers.
  • Analysis and parameterization of the company’s information system.
  • Assistance to the board of directors as independent advisors.
  • Search, negotiation of mandates, and monitoring of external advisors’ execution.

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