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El equipo de verum comprobando cifras para ofrecer asesoramiento mercantil a empresas

Commercial and societies advice

We provide legal consulting services in the areas of commercial, civil, and administrative law. We cover matters related to commercial law and the establishment of the most suitable corporate form for your business project.

We provide legal consulting services in the fields of commercial, civil, and administrative law. We cover matters related to commercial law, such as the establishment, mergers, acquisitions, transformations, liquidations, dissolutions, capital increases, capital reductions, application of the Bankruptcy Law, preparation of minutes, convening of meetings, and more.

We offer commercial services with the aim of guiding and supporting our clients. We analyze specific situations and provide advice in decision-making. We offer individualized and direct assistance in the complete management of commercial affairs, ensuring compliance with all existing obligations.

We provide guidance on lease agreements, sales of goods, service provision, administrative appeals, allegations and appeals, assistance in negotiations with suppliers and clients, and more.

Specifically, we conduct studies and establish commercial companies, handle statutory modifications such as changes in registered office, changes in corporate bodies, object of the company, etc. We participate in the development of mergers and dissolutions of commercial companies. We prepare and file Annual Accounts and Management Reports, maintain Official Books, prepare Board Minutes, and draft all types of commercial contracts and documents.

We also offer advice on choosing the most suitable corporate form for your business project, whether it’s Joint Stock Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Civil Companies, Community Property Companies, Joint Ventures, Cooperatives, Worker-Owned Companies, Limited Liability Worker-Owned Companies, and more.

We help you ensure that your business can benefit from the maximum tax advantages, commercial benefits, and available subsidies. We provide prior advice on company formation and inform you about the best form of incorporation, analyzing possibilities for subsidies and financing options for the necessary investment. We develop the company’s bylaws and handle its incorporation before a notary and registration with the Commercial Registry. We also assist with all the necessary procedures involved in establishing a company with the state, regional, and local authorities, and handle all the necessary steps for obtaining subsidies.

In summary, Verum offers comprehensive consulting services in company formation, obtaining the company’s name or trade name registration in the Central Registry, drafting the company’s bylaws, registration with the Social Security system, communication of workplace opening, visitor log book compliance, application for opening licenses with the municipality, waste management registration, drafting of incorporation deeds and powers of attorney, capital increases, reductions, amendments to bylaws, registration with the tax authorities, obtaining the tax identification number (CIF), registration with the Economic Activities Tax (IAE), settlement of regional taxes (Model 600), and registration of the company with the Commercial Registry and any other necessary registries.

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