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Environment and Dafo: Key Tools

Regardless of the size or sector in which you develop your activity, from this first line we have to mark

Regardless of the size or sector in which you develop your activity, from this first line we have to mark the need in red, either you do if you do not have it, well that you review it and update if yes, of the analysis of the analysis Environment and Dafo relative to your company. It is nothing personal, only business.

The reason is that it is this starting point on which you will be able to project future strategies. They are usually associated exclusively for the marketing , but it is a set of business tools that will offer you, at least answers to possible problems and weaknesses, even being able to see opportunities for your business or strengths that You had overlooked. All this in regards to the DAFO and that you will necessarily cover with the analysis of the environment, which will give you guidelines on what happens in everything that surrounds you.

circumstances that affect the company’s environment

1. Environment of the general or macroambiente company: is defined as the set of circumstances that affect in a similar way to all companies in an economy. They are the most remote factors of the company and their ability to influence them is generally very little. It includes for example inflation or labor legislation.

2. Specific or micro -environmental company environment: is the set of circumstances that especially affect a company, or companies in a certain sector or place. For example the price of diesel for road transport companies.

To continue, we will know and what is the DAFO analysis, acronym for weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities.


Dafo analysis is a “know yourself” business. It consists of analyzing our internal and external aspects both positive and negative. Internal aspects are our strengths and weaknesses, these strengths and weaknesses can take advantage of them and/or achieve them to improve our competitiveness.

The external aspects of the DAFO analysis are the threats and opportunities that the environment offers us. We must strive to meet them to anticipate them and minimize threats and take advantage of opportunities. All this is achieved by joining a CAME analysis, which allows you to correct weaknesses; Face threats; Maintain strengths and exploit opportunities.

There are more and more consulting companies that analyze the business environment of their clients and make a thorough DAF and a CAME that helps them face the day -to -day life of their organization. In Verum we do not understand one element without the other. A DAFO is not simply a points table through the brainstorming technique. It is an investigation that is pointed out, synthetically in a document and on which vision and advice has to be offered.

We go back to you to offer you our business strategy services if you don’t know where to start or if what you are looking for is an external review with experience of your particular damage. In any case, you know where we are: C/Count Salvatierra, 21. Valencia. –

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