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Financial News | Transfers below € 15,000 will be immediate

The express transfers will be a reality in our banking system from next week. Users or entities that

The express transfers will be a reality in our banking system from next week. Users or entities that make a bank transfer of up to € 15,000 will only have to wait between 10 and 15 seconds for the recipient to receive it. In this way, in Spain, transfers below that figure will be issued and will receive virtually immediately. Today, the average time that takes to receive a transfer is 24 hours, even reaching three or four days of delay, depending on the bank with which you operate.

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150 Spanish financial entities have already adhered to the SEPA

Have you received the transfer? Has the payment reached you? These questions, often asked, will stop making sense from next Tuesday, November 21. The activation of the payments scheme SEPA , which works at European level, will allow these express transfers.

Virtually all Spanish financial entities have already adhered to the activation of payments. In total, about 150 banks, including credit cooperatives. To carry out these instant transfers between European countries, IBAN will be necessary (the identification of the account number).

express transfers throughout Europe?

In Europe, it is estimated that 585 financial entities will adapt the system to issue and receive these instant transfers. The countries that will begin with these express transactions are:

  • Spain.
  • Germany (gradual incorporation until July 2018).
  • Italy.
  • Austria.
  • Estonia.
  • Latvia.
  • Holland.
  • Finland.
  • Lithuania.

It is very likely that other European countries are currently waiting for activation knowing, depending on or not on the success of this measure in the coming months.

will be free transfers?

The cost of express transfers will be 0.2 euros for the banks themselves during the first two years. As of that date, the price of instant transfer could increase to 0.5 euros. The doubt exists in knowing if this increase will have an impact on the client or the banking entities will be assumed.

In this way, each banking entity has freedom to transfer or not the customer cost. As reported by the economic portal Cinco dias, Spanish financial entities do not plan, for the moment, to impose a commission on the client that performs this type of express transfers.

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