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Fine of € 800 m to Scania for the trucks cartel

Brussels has imposed a fine of 800 million euros to Scania, one of the six companies that rigged truck prices

Brussels has imposed a fine of 800 million euros to Scania, one of the six companies that rigged truck prices between 1997 and 2011. This fine involves the GREAT > . In total, the companies involved in the truck poster must pay almost 3,000 million euros in sanctions.

Scania, Swedish truck manufacturer and belonging to the Volkswagen Group, is the only one of the sanctioned companies that refused to cooperate with the European Commission. The rest of the companies (Iveco, Daimler, Volvo/Renault and Daf) did help the authorities to reduce their sanctions. The sixth company in question, Man, has not been sanctioned because it was the one that warned of the fraudulent practices they were carrying out.

If you are one of those affected, Verum Management helps you manage the claim . Compensation could range between approximately 15 and 20% of the cost of the truck.

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The truck poster: overprices and null contaminating emission control

In 1997, these six companies had their first meeting to set the basic prices of their trucks. In addition, they also altered the control of polluting emissions by not introducing existing technology to reduce them. From there, the meetings were periodic, until in 2011 the company Man alerted Brussels of fraud. In short, with the price increase and the absolute control of the sector during those 14 years, the companies managed to increase their profits and that no other company could enter the market strongly.

The consequences of this ‘pact’ have been decisive in the truck manufacturing market. The six companies are the manufacturers of 9 out of 10 trucks sold in Europe. In addition, transport 75% of the goods that move by road in Europe. Absolute control!

Everything arises from a Shiper of the company Man … from the same group as Scania!

Paradoxically, the chivatazo and the fine have stayed at home. The company Man, belonging to the Volkswagen Group, was the one that alerted the authorities of this fraud. And Scania, of the same group as Man, has been the only company of the six that has refused to cooperate with Brussels. Paradoxical!

the most large penalty for a poster case

The fine of 880 million to Scania elevates to almost 3,000 million euros the total amount of fines to the truck poster . In addition to Scania, four other signatures were previously fined: DAF, Iveco, Volvo/Renault and Daimler. The latter had the highest sanction when reaching 1,008 million euros.

So far, the highest sanction to a poster imposed by the European Commission amounted to 1,410 million. It occurred in 2012, and various computer and television screens were fined. For making a comparison, the fine to the cartel of the trucks bends to the most large sanction imposed so far by the European Commission.

Have you been harmed? Verum can help you

On the other hand, fines on the truck poster could be increased. Consumers or harmed companies may request compensation if they have been affected by these practices. In general, it is estimated that trucks have had an extra cost of between 15% and 20%, so that amount could be claimed.

If this is your case, get in touch with us in and we will help you claim relevant compensation. It is important to do this management as soon as possible. Do not miss the opportunity!

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