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Fixed Income Pension Plans reduce their management commission almost 50%

The Government has lowered the maximum commissions of the fixed income pension plans and mixed fixed income. The Ministry of

The Government has lowered the maximum commissions of the fixed income pension plans and mixed fixed income. The Ministry of Economy has proposed that the Management Commission, that is, the one that is destined for the manager, maximum of the type of asset is 1.25. In principle, this decrease in commissions will entail greater net profitability of the products, making them more profitable and attractive. Thus, the Ministry of Economy intends to encourage private retirement savings .

In a background two commissions are paid: one of management, which differs depending on the type of income we choose; and another commission for the depositary entity, which has been reduced from 0.25% to 0.2%.

Thus the Pension Plans Management Commission has changed

The most accused decrease has occurred in the management of the commission in the pure -fixed income plans , in which the maximum commission has set at 0.85%. This decrease is substantial and almost 50% compared to current scales, since today the maximum commission of this type of pension plans reaches 1.5%.

In addition, the commission has also been reduced in the case of the mixed fixed income (up to 30% in shares). The maximum amount has been set at 1.3%, compared to 1.5% in which it is currently.

This government reform has not modified the Management Commission of the Variable Income , Mixed Variable Income (more than 30% in shares) and guaranteed , which remain in their current 1.5%.

commissions for depository entities are also reduced

Deposity commissions will be reduced from 0.25% to 0.2%.

When will these measures come into force?

The Royal Decree project is currently in a public hearing period. It is expected that, approximately, this royal decree will be approved in the middle of next year.

In the other hand, the possibility of rescuing will be established, once ten years have elapsed, the heritage placed in these products. This measure seeks to foster pension plans for younger savers.

begins the offensive of the financial sector by pension plans

With the reduction in the commission for the management of pension plans, financial entities have begun an offensive to capture customers with new plans. Therefore, we offer you the experience and advice of a technical team known as the sector and the new modifications.

Contact Verum in And our financial advice specialists will help you in everything you need.

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