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In-Company training

There is no more powerful equipment than the one formed, the trained and the motivated, although perhaps the latter is

There is no more powerful equipment than the one formed, the trained and the motivated, although perhaps the latter is only the preceding conditions. Regardless of the size of company, sector or location, there is something that is increasing

That is why many companies decide EM> members of your team. The in-company training or training adapted to the company, is oriented towards the creation of training actions tailored to all kinds, all created properly and adapted to the real needs of The company. This type of training helps companies to be more competitive, more agile and more efficient, regardless of the incentive effect on the emotional salary that can arouse in their human capital.

In-company training is a scheduled teaching intervention in which the needs, requirements and capabilities of each company are taken into account. Thanks to this type of training, you can prepare the organization personnel in specific areas with a specific teaching program for the company and at the time and location that is more appropriate. That is why it is done from an open and permanent channel between teachers and technicians. In this way it is achieved that the academic work done to be more effective and productive.

Progress does not understand the face of attitude

It is more and more companies that opt ​​for the in-company training since it allows to adapt to the requirements and changes that the company arises every day or may arise to the company. This training guarantees the transfer of knowledge to jobs and allows you to address productivity situations precisely since this type of teaching adapts to dates and schedules.

In-company training is characterized by the personalized attention of workers in learning, and also a design tailored to the training program for workers, being increasingly frequent meet free courses.

In Verum we have performed many services with these characteristics, and we have a team of teachers trained within the world of management business, with broad knowledge in countless topics. Let us give a contrasted experience in each field of specialty, or by position (address and responsibility), or for the capacity of transmission (good communication and teaching experience), two factors that in some cases, as clients of this type of service that we have been in some similar situation, we have not always seen closely linked.

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