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Introduction to inheritance processing

There are worse things than the loss of a loved one. It is a process that is linked to the

There are worse things than the loss of a loved one. It is a process that is linked to the word ‘time’, with all the positive or negative that this entails. However, it is also true that on many other occasions, it also has certain doubts about some areas parallel to that process, which the better and more simply managed, the more it facilitates it. People are very frequently asking for advice, since before the death of a relative they know that they must manage a series of procedures, but they do not know exactly where to start.

Steps to process inheritances

face the death of a relative is very difficult, so in those moments of pain, having a cold head to address any type of procedure in a timely manner becomes practically impossible, and more, those related to inheritance, that are not easy and have a fiscal impact that can be very relevant if they do not undertake optimally.

Thus, in this case, there are several procedures to be carried out and with different organisms, which does everything much more complex. Therefore, to begin to process the inheritance, it is important to take into account two issues:

the processing deadlines: The first thing is to know what deadlines we have to process inheritances. To sign the writing and sign taxes we have six months from the death. These six months can be extended six months more requesting it to the City Council.

– The Testament: The Testament is a document that can be written by anyone, is made before a notary and it is available how to make the distribution of their assets once he has died. If there is no testament, the cast is made equally among all heirs.

If there is no will, two steps will be necessary in a notary. First, it will be necessary to sign a first writing where it is declared who are the legitimate heirs. This is called “promote the act of heirs.” The family book and the birth book will be needed. After this, the next step will be to sign the writing of award of the inheritance.

To process the inheritance, it will be necessary to take care of the following documentation:

– Death certificate.
– Certificate of last wills.
– Insurance Registration Certificate.
– bank certificate.
– receipt of the IBI.
– vehicle documentation in case I had.
– DNI of the deceased and all the heirs.

On the other hand, it is important to talk about the writing of award of inheritances. This is signed before a notary, on this occasion all the heirs must go because the cast is decided and each one must accept the inheritance.

Sometimes in inheritances debts arise so it is necessary to know the inventory or we can take unpleasant surprises. It is also important to know that if there are minor heirs parents or guardians must sign on their name.

how to process inheritance

The processing must go through the corresponding regional institution, depending on the Autonomous Community in which the inheritance is processed. It will be processed before six months and the inheritance tax will have to be settled. Then this tax will have to be submitted in the financial entity to be able to have money or rescue some fund that the deceased had. We will also have to go to the insurance company to pay us the insurance in which we are beneficiaries, and we will also have to go to traffic to process the transfer of the vehicles, if it were the case. Then, it must be taken to the City Council so that from this organ the surplus value is liquidated. Finally, you will have to go to the Property Registry to be able to process the change of ownership.

All this is complex for family members and, with good planning and inheritance management, the beneficiaries of it can save a lot of money or, otherwise, be very onerous for them. For that reason from Verum Management, we deal with this type of services with the imperative of how to try to make something easy, it is certainly difficult.

I hope you consult us for any other service, but if you need it for this one:

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