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Is accounting management a key to success?

magic in business, for the moment there is no -or we do not know it. There is no known and

magic in business, for the moment there is no -or we do not know it. There is no known and generally accepted random flow that ensures the absolute success of an organization in any of its areas, items or departments. Yes there are, and this is tested, certain rational elements and reflected in the history of different organizations, which allow to sit on action in other similar cases, or even extrapolate them depending on the necessary context. Among all possible study aspects, today we choose accounting management.

This business section is of the utmost importance in any company, whatever its size, sector or location, since it allows control and registration of the financial operations that are carried out within the company, transcending the mere record of invoices, payrolls and other documents. Accounting management is a basic model that is complemented by an information system that offers control, compatibility and flexibility, accompanied by a correct benefit and cost relationship.

Continuous Improvement Process

Accounting management is usually carried out in three stages:

1. Register the economic activities of the company, where records of the company’s commercial activities are made.
2. Classify the information into different categories, where the transactions that receive money and those that emit it are proceeded.
3. Summarize information to use it optimally by people who are responsible for decision making within the company.

These three stages are briefly described as means for creating information. This information will allow to guide the accounting management of the organization in a consistent manner since there is a lot of information as if it were and where these stages are required to be able to order and extract the most useful and more value information for the company. Hence the power of the accounting manager.

impact throughout the company

Accounting management also involves communication between different sectors of the company and its correct interpretation, to be used as another tool that helps decision making. The company’s area managers and users external to the company must have all the information for the optimal accounting management. With all this it will be achieved:

– Have a real prediction of cash flow.
– will help when making decisions associated with investments and credits.
– will support administration in the planning, organization and management stages of the company.
– Serve as a basis for determining the price of the services and products that the company markets.
– Control the financial operations carried out by the company.
– Help in the evaluation and revaluation of benefits.
– Contribute to the social impact of the organization in the environment where it develops its activity.

Therefore, accounting management is a great and useful mechanism for the control of the financial and commercial movements of the companies, and allows to increase productivity and take advantage of the company’s resources more effectively. Have a fully excellent model in the practice of management business, without a doubt, by efficient, concise and effectively managed accounting management.

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Isak and Jonathan Andic (Mango) in 2015 – ABC

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