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Keys for the 2017-2018 Income Declaration

This month has opened the deadline to present the Income Declaration 2017 . From Verum Management we break down the

This month has opened the deadline to present the Income Declaration 2017 . From Verum Management we break down the keys to take into account when making your statement. Although, to gain time and security, our fiscal team can perform all these procedures for you.

The 2017 Income Campaign will last until July 2. In this sense, it must be borne in mind that June 27 is the deadline for income and assets statements with the result to enter with domiciliation into account.

the first … Is it mandatory to make the income statement?

is obliged for those taxpayers who have income greater than 22,000 euros per year or who, being lower, have had more than one payer during the past year. However, in the event that it is not mandatory to do it, it is possible that it is interesting, since it can go back to return.

Joint or separate statement?

This is one of the most everyday questions, do the statement together with your partner or individually? Depending on the income of each one, either can be interesting, either doing it jointly, or separately. In general, it is recommended to make it together as long as one of the two does not receive income (or receive a minimum amount).

Also, when modifications in the family nucleus are produced , such as weddings, births or deaths, it will be mandatory to point it out, since it can report deductions.

Do you declare the rent or purchase of housing?

At the national level, rental deduction was eliminated in 2015. However, most autonomous communities have their own deductions around this concept. As for the purchasing of purchase , they remain applicable for those purchases made before January 1, 2013 and would have benefited from deductions before that date.

changes for self -employed

Following the urgent law of autonomous work, which was approved during the past year, the autonomous several expenses can be deduced. In case of working at your home, 30% will be deductible to the proportion between the surface of the house for the activity with respect to the total.

This legislation will allow a greater degree of control over the data of the users themselves. Likewise, the main objective of this legislation is harmonizing legislation in EU countries .

Do you need help with your 2017 income statement? Our technical team offers you a comprehensive advisory service. Know it in .

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