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Land clause: precedent of the Supreme Court on its nullity

The Supreme Court has issued a sentence on the soil clauses which may have relevance in thousands of mortgage loans

The Supreme Court has issued a sentence on the soil clauses which may have relevance in thousands of mortgage loans granted to date. The sentence dictates that abusive soil clauses must always be annulled, included in the event that those affected sign a renegotiation of it with the bank.

The judicial ruling, on Friday, October 27, establishes the “radical or full right” of this soil clause. The sentence determines that those affected had signed a mortgage with a floor clause from which they had not been informed. After that, they agreed with the bank to reduce it. However, despite that previous agreement, the Supreme Court has confirmed the nullity of the soil clause from the moment of the rubric. That is, this reduction pact is valid.

What dictates the sentence in reference to the soil clause?

The banking entity has been forced to eliminate said soil clause from the mortgage loan contract from those affected. It has also been condemned to return all the amounts charged in relation to said soil clause. Could it be your case? Contact Verum Management and will advise you in relation to a future claim of the floor clause of your mortgage.

Do you know what a soil clause is?

The soil clause, also known as mortgage soil, is a limit that is included in numerous mortgage contracts. It establishes a minimum interest that is paid in the monthly payments of the mortgage, regardless of market fluctuation.

And now? Moment to claim for your soil clause

This judgment of the Supreme Court may be the key for hundreds of affected to claim the amounts paid to their respective banking entity if their mortgage loan has been declared void, regardless of the agreements reached between those affected and the banking entity. It is estimated that a soil clause increases between 100 and 200 euros per month the cost of the mortgage.

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