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New Law on Prevention and Fight Measures Against Tax Fraud

Last Saturday we got up with a new law on prevention and fight against tax fraud . Now, do you

Last Saturday we got up with a new law on prevention and fight against tax fraud . Now, do you know all the changes that this implies? From its content we can highlight the change of denomination of those known so far as fiscal paradises , the prohibition of fiscal amnesties , changes in customs matter , or other changes of relative importance that can affect the citizen on foot. Continue reading and keep aware of all the news:

new limits to cash payment

The cash payment limit of entrepreneurs or professionals passes from 2,500 to 1,000 euros . In the event that the payer is a natural person without fiscal domicile in Spain, and that it also does not act as an entrepreneur, the new limit will be 10,000 euros.

bonuses for soon payment

In addition, increases the bonus of payment of penalties for soon payment . Provided that the payment of the sanction is made between the proposal of the sanction and the final resolution of this, the reduction will be 50%. In the case of compliance sanctions, the 30%bonus will be maintained. And if the sanction is entered within the indicated period, the offender will benefit from 40% of the reduction over the amount already reduced.

double -use software

companies will need a certification of the Ministry of Finance . It seeks to guarantee the integrity, conservation and inalterability of the records. Likewise, it is expected that in the not too distant future will begin to issue a mandatory use certificate for self -employed and small businesses that can corroborate that in this trade there is no use of an accounting in B. < /p>

tax rise in taxes

A tax rise is included of taxes on patrimonial transmissions and to documented legal ctos , as well as successions and donations . The objective is to prevent the update of the value of the inheritances at the time after its transfer. However, the tax advantages of which many beneficiaries enjoyed will be maintained as long as they pass more than five years after receiving the inheritance in property.

increased sanctions

It should be noted that all these new limits enter into force one day after their publication in the BOE, even if they refer to financial operations established prior to the standard. Its corresponding breach will lead to the increase in the planned sanctions within the law itself.

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