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Risk capital financial intermediaries

Today we are going to talk about the types of financial capital financial intermediaries, and that is that according to

Today we are going to talk about the types of financial capital financial intermediaries, and that is that according to Law 25/2005, of November 24, which regulates in Spain the venture capital entities and their managing companies, the capital entities of risk risky entities They are financial entities that have as its main objective to take temporary participations in the capital of non -real estate and non -financial companies, and that at the time of participation, do not coticate in the first market for stock exchanges or in any other equivalent regulated market of the European Union or the rest of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). According to this criterion we can find the following financial capital financial intermediaries:


Risk capital societies are corporations that are responsible for taking temporary shares in the capital of non -financial companies where their values ​​do not coy in the first market of stock exchanges. Risk capital companies facilitate participatory loans and carry out advice activities. The subscribed social capital is minimum of 1.2 million euros, and at least 50% must be disbursed at the time of its constitution, one or several times, within three years since the constitution of the company .

venture capital funds

Risk capital funds are assets that are administered by a managing company. This management company must have the same main object as risk capital societies, corresponding to the managing society to carry out the planned advice activities. The initial heritage is 1.6 million euros and it is necessary to make the contribution in cash for the initial and posterior constitution of the heritage. The heritage is divided into nominative participations of equal characteristics, these nominative participations will be considered negotiable values ​​through titles or account annotations. The Administration and Management will be governed by the provisions of the Management Regulations of each Fund, falling on a managing company of risk capital entities or collective investment institutions.

Management Societies of Risk Capital Entities

Management societies of venture capital entities are corporations that are responsible for the administration and management of funds and/or risk capital companies. They can also carry out advice work to the companies with which they maintain linking. They can also manage capital-risgo funds and assets of venture capital companies. The minimum initial share capital of the managing companies of risk capital entities is about three hundred thousand euros that must be disbursed entirely. The representative shares of the share capital may be by means of annotations in account or through nominative titles.

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