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Social Security supports 230,000 freelancers with more than 200 million euros

The Social Security has paid a monthly payment of 202.5 million euros in self -employed aid. These grants will be

The Social Security has paid a monthly payment of 202.5 million euros in self -employed aid. These grants will be available until September 30 thanks to the agreement between the Government and some civil society associations.

Until now, the total sum reaches the figure of 7,014.6 million euros granted since the beginning of the coronavirus. In the worst moments of the pandemic, more than 1.46 million workers on their own they received some kind of help.

All these self -employed could be separated into two distinct groups. On the one hand, the figure of those who receive the benefit for freelancers compatible with the activity is around 96,000 beneficiaries. And, on the other hand, the 133,000 freelancers who did not meet the requirements to be part of the previous category of beneficiaries (for having a flat rate or not having the necessary contribution period).

specifically, the sectors that have received the most performance are the commerce , followed by the hospitality and the transport . These three areas of the economy activity add up to more than 57% of the aid received, which moves us a rather reliable idea about which sectors have been the most beaten by the pandemic.

The number of self -employed who were forced to ask for a monetary benefit because of the temporary use of their economic activity has been reduced considerably thanks to the relief of economic restrictions. Even so, in the payroll that Social Security has paid today, 1,360 self -employed workers who receive this aid are still.

last June more than 160,000 performance were approved. Since the deadline for submitting requests for self -employed was open until the 22nd, there are still around 50,000 applications pending resolve.

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