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Spain, sixth country in Europe with the highest number of freelancers

The figure of the autonomous has a vital relevance in Spanish business fabric. And this is reflected by the data.

The figure of the autonomous has a vital relevance in Spanish business fabric. And this is reflected by the data. According to the European Statistics Agency, Eurostat, Spain occupies the sixth position of European countries with the highest number of self -employed workers.

At the end of 2016, our country had an autonomous rate of 16% (3,028,600), slightly higher than the European average (14%). That is, of the total number of workers in Spain, one in six employed workers is autonomous.

  • Man: two out of three European autonomous are men.
  • Medium age: more than half of the self -employed in Europe exceed 45 years.
  • Higher or university degree: one in three has a higher or university degree.
  • Work individually: 70% have no employees in charge.
  • Sectors: Commerce (16%), primary activities (14%), construction (13%) and professional, scientific or technical activities (12%)

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Self-employed workers in Spain are growing four times faster than in Europe

During the five-year period from 2011 to 2016, the number of self-employed workers in Spain increased by 5.7%, according to data from the National Federation of Self-Employed Workers Associations (ATA) and Eurostat. In the same period, the number of self-employed workers in the European Union only increased by 1.4%.

In this regard, Spain ended the year 2016 with a total of 3,028,600 self-employed workers, a significantly higher number compared to the 2,864,500 self-employed workers registered in 2011. During this period, Europe gained 443,700 self-employed workers, of which 164,100 were from Spain.

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