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Term closure | Only in November you can register at the Redeme

The General VAT Return Regime , set in article 115 of the Tax Law, establishes that the VAT refund will

The General VAT Return Regime , set in article 115 of the Tax Law, establishes that the VAT refund will be carried out annually. However, Law 4/2008, of December 23, allows the option of requesting the monthly Return of VAT/IGIC at the end of each liquidation period. To do this, the subject must register in the Redeeme (monthly return regime of VAT/IGIC).

Registration (and low) requests in the Redeeme must be submitted during the November month. In Verum we advise you to formalize the registration or decline in the Redeem and know all the existing legal requirements.

Can I register in the Redeeme?

The Redeeme establishes an exceptional VAT return regime, with respect to the general regime. The Redeem allows the return of VAT monthly, instead of performing it annually (general regime).

It is true that, given their highest business volume, large companies usually register in the Redeem to manage their VAT/IGIC monthly. As of 2009, SMEs were also allowed to take advantage of the monthly VAT return.

How to enroll in the Redeeme for the monthly VAT return?

These are the three steps to follow:

  • registration in the monthly return record. Presentation of model 036 by telematics, in which the 129 box must be marked. Another route is the presentation of the 039 model, in which the 12th box should be validated.
  • Telematic presentation of the 303 model, to present the monthly self -assessments .
  • Monthly presentation of model 304, on the operations included in the registration books.

deadlines to take into account

The passive subjects that are registered (the application must be made during the month of November), must remain in the Redeems, at least, throughout the year for which the registration was requested. That is, if this month of November a taxpayer requests the registration in the Redeem, on January 1, 2018, the registration will be effective (if the application is approved) and must remain in the registry all year at least 2018.

On the other hand, to unsubscribe from the Redeme, you must complete the 036 or 039 model, as the case may be. This must be presented during the month of November of the year prior to that in which effects must be held.

the main disadvantage: greater volume of procedures

The monthly VAT return assumes that the legal entity must make the monthly presentation of the 303 model. This form must be completed between 1 and 20 of each month (in January until day 30).

In addition, the taxpayer must apply VAT management through the immediate supply of information (SII). In this article , we offer you everything you have to Know about the SII. Therefore, administrative effort is much greater than with the normal regime.

If you have any questions about registration or decline in the Redemean? Our technicians specialized in tax advice will put all their experience at the service of your company. Contact us in

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