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The commercial registration

One of the key points for the activity of any company is the commercial registration, a

One of the key points for the activity of any company is the commercial registration, a mechanism that remains in time as a continuous reference of that primary information in terms of commercial terms.

The commercial registry helps to give security to commercial traffic by publishing the legal and economic data of the companies – in addition to their representatives – and other individuals who register in it. It has all the acts related to societies, from the Constitution, increases and reductions of capital, administrators, proxies, auditors, mergers, transformations, liquidations and dissolution of the company, also including creditors’ competitions in their case. Commerce books that must be carried out are also legalized, and annually the accounts of the year are deposited.

register for the Mercantile Registry

To be able to register acts here, public deed is usually needed. There are also several cases in which it can be registered with certification of the administrators, to give an example, when the appointment of administrators or auditors is carried out, the approval of the annual accounts, or the legalization of books, among others.

Commercial records are in all provincial capitals and in some cities such as:

– Ceuta Mercantile Registry
– Mercantile Registry of Melilla
– Mercantile Registry of Ibiza
– Mahón Mercantile Registry
– Mercantile Registry of Puerto de Arrecife
– Mercantile Registry of Puerto del Rosario
– Mercantile Registry of Santa Cruz de la Palma
– Mercantile Registry of San Sebastián de la Gomera
– Valverde Mercantile Registry.

In each provincial registry, all companies that have domicile in that province or in the aforementioned cities are registered. There are no concrete fees to register acts in this location. Sometimes a fixed amount is charged, as in the case of powers and certain societies, and others is a variable amount depending on the amount of what is inscribed. In fact, all quantities consist of the approving tariffs by the Government.

It is a public tool and can be consulted by anyone. It can be consulted in two ways:

  • person in the registry itself
  • through the Internet by accessing the Registrores

What information we find in the Mercantile Registry

Going to it, you can get information about all the data of a society, that is:

  • domicile
  • corporate purpose
  • duration
  • capital
  • Social Statutes
  • administrators
  • attached
  • Creditor contest situations
  • books that society to legalized
  • all the annual economic information of societies

It is very interesting to be able to consult this organ, since it is the only way to ensure the existence and situation of societies and who are the people who can act on their name.

From Verum Management we have commercial advisors that help companies manage everything that entails the relationship of companies, entrepreneurs and administrators in this area, as well as ensure compliance, in a timely manner, of the obligations with the obligations with the obligations with the obligations with This organism. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us information without obligation:

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