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The company’s assets

When carrying out any accounting, commercial, fiscal, labor action, between the long etcetera of possibilities within the environment management ,

When carrying out any accounting, commercial, fiscal, labor action, between the long etcetera of possibilities within the environment management , in the first place, we must take into account from the focus on the That is observed, but above all, in what has an impact to the different stages or heritage masses of the companies, or in other words: from where it is undertaken and what it will affect.

Thus, we start from the base of the three main patrimonial masses that a company has to develop its activity. Active, passive and net worth are those three pieces of the company’s puzzle, which depending on the size, will become a matrioska larger or smaller, complicating or deepening the different items that will define their study , planning and actions to be carried out.

To talk about assets or liabilities does not present great complications, however, in some cases, we have met some clients who found doubts to determine the scope, and therefore, the necessary treatment, for net assets and own funds.

Net heritage is neither active nor liability

Net heritage is one of the three great patrimonial masses of a company, along with the asset and liabilities. It is considered as the residual part of the assets once all liabilities are deducted. This means that this mass will be those own resources that the company has to finance its asset.

This first concept can raise confusion: Is it passive then? No. In fact, it is considered as a non -enforceable liability, since it does not constitute any obligation of the company with third parties, nor has it expiration. In addition, it also causes some confusion with their own funds, although in reality, they are different concepts.

Thus, despite the fact that everyone is considered as not required, contributions come from different sources. Thus, while the own funds are obtained from within the company, the rest of the elements that make up the net assets are granted by third parties outside it. An example that may well explain this are subsidies, which are granted by different public administrations and that have nothing to do with donations and legacies by private companies or individuals.

However, from the accounting point of view, both elements usually have the same , consideration in the sense that they serve for the establishment of the company or its investment in non -current assets, such as a industrial ship or a computer, until they are impute in the profit and loss account.

explain to understand

We have customers of many profiles and disparity in their depth of knowledge about the business field. As soon Some more ‘p’, that ‘me’- in which it is carried out by its accounting is a key factor to fulfill margins.

And you know? Our approach does not vary: we seek to participate to the other party. It is useless to have an experience or knowledge in consulting and finance if we were not able to talk about you to you, to transfer our clients who have a counselor and not with a processor.

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