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The growth of the company

Today we are going to talk about the growth of the company and how to manage it. As we have

Today we are going to talk about the growth of the company and how to manage it. As we have pointed out on previous occasions, growth has its own dynamics and requires certain attitudes that are relatively independent of the strategic options used to direct a company. In addition, it is essential In case of negative deviations about it.

Growth requires certain attitudes and behaviors and an adequate organizational structure that favors the processes of change and improvement of the organization. It is a continuous transformation process that requires constant experimentation and learning and, therefore, requires assuming the risk that experiments generate errors but that these errors can approach success. This statement collides with the fundamental objective, which is to standardize procedures, precisely in the search for the elimination of errors and failures and, therefore, often generates insecurity, but the truth is that experimentation in the long run allows us to stand out above The competitors.

Growth therefore requires a type of leadership that foster and promotes attitudes and behaviors that favor growth.

company growth behavior

The experience of organizations optimal growth demonstrates that there are specific behaviors that promote such growth. These behaviors are:

1. A critical spirit in people who make up the organization

The team constantly raises questions, it is curious about the new systems and technologies and are questioned if improvements could be carried out in the ongoing operations and in possible new fields of activity.

2. Constructive debate when the occasion requires it

The criticism of what exists is received as a positive contribution, which can lead to new or alternative business approaches and ideas to those that are already underway. It is about adopting a common optics, leaving behind their own egos, that is, the evil of the NIH ( not discovered here) has not manifested.

3. There is a fluid internal capital information

There are no taboos: the individuals that make up the organization, especially in management levels, generally collaborate and share information, whatever it is. This does not mean that everyone has to know everything, but that truly important, giving the member given enough confidence to have this type of information.

4. Constant experimentation

generated by “proof and error” processes, through them new knowledge occurs. Organizations with high growth show high tolerance for errors and failures, because they are considered a necessary means for learning and to generate profitable ideas.

5. Beyond employees: members of a team

In this type of organizations, in which growth has appeared in a recurring way, it is observed in many of them that senior executives tend to be humble and wise, listening to their workers, which are not simple employees, but members but members of a team that will contribute value to him, but above all, to the project in which they are immersed.

6. Promote and reward behaviors that generate these results

Beyond salary, it is about betting on what is now known as “emotional salary”: that daily intangible remuneration, in addition to certain specific aspects, that reinforce the knowledge of the organization, its philosophy, values and operation, which encourages the permanence of certain members in their current company.

Since we started our activity, in Verum Management we have trained a multitude of companies with Executive training courses, helping them to have a more innovative business vision, while providing it with technical tools to plan growth, which they It helps to grow as a company and diversify your business, to achieve higher levels of success in all its areas.

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