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personal de verum con calculadora y ordenador asesorando sobre gestión del patrimonio

Wealth management and investments

We provide advice on the optimal portfolio composition to have at any given time and which assets should be rotated. Our management includes not only financial assets but also real estate, artworks, intellectual property, and more.

Verum is a company dedicated to comprehensive consulting for businesses. We assist large companies, SMEs, corporations, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs in their business management. We analyze and study the company and its economic environment, and then apply it to the fiscal and accounting management of the company, always choosing the most suitable option for you with the aim of maximizing your profits.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes planning the company’s fiscal situation with anticipatory study for fiscal closing, economic and commercial analysis and reports, labor advisory and management, accounting advisory and management, company formation and legal advisory, and more.

Various autonomous and municipal administrations publish numerous calls for grants and subsidies to promote the competitiveness of large companies, SMEs, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs.

In many of these, the regulatory bases for the grants require the mandatory submission of an audit of the beneficiary’s accounts.

Our team of auditors registered in the ROAC (Official Registry of Auditors) conducts the audit based on the requirements set forth in each grant’s regulatory bases. In addition, we provide comprehensive advisory to address any non-compliance of the beneficiary with regard to applicable regulations.

If you want to apply for regional financing, please contact our team using the button below so that our team can study the bases and conditions of such grant.

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