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El equipo de Verum revisando normativa vigente para ofrecer asesoramiento laboral a empresas.

Labor advice

We handle all the management and obligations in labor matters that your company needs: consultations, registration with Social Security, hirings and terminations, self-employment registration, subsidy applications, etc.

Verum carries out all the management and obligations in labor matters that your company needs, whether it’s labor consultations and advice or registration of the company with Social Security, variations, modifications, hirings, terminations, registrations for self-employment and other special regimes, preparation of employment contracts, subsidy applications and bonuses for different types of contracts, payroll preparation, calculation and preparation of Social Security contribution bulletins, contract extensions and renewals, advance notice of expiration dates, all types of procedures with the Public Employment Service, Social Security Treasury, National Institute of Social Security, and more.

We provide advice in all matters arising from labor relations through our team of experts. We ensure proper updating and application of the labor agreement for each company, optimal advice on all types of dismissals, workforce restructuring processes, working hours and schedules, assistance and representation in labor inspections, administrative and litigation appeals, preparation and advice on work calendars and vacation schedules, calculation of monthly, quarterly, and annual personnel costs, certificate requests, work history requests, procedures for deferment of payments, accident report processing, job offers, quarterly and annual personal income tax declarations (forms 110 and 190), issuance of withholding certificates, communication of data to employees, and more.

Additionally, we handle the subsidy application process for training managed by the Tripartite Foundation, through which companies can benefit from credits to finance employee training. The credit amount is obtained by applying a percentage to the total amount paid by each company in the previous year as a professional training contribution.

We prepare and draft contracts according to the specific characteristics of the position to be filled, the company’s needs, the worker’s personal circumstances, available contract types, and existing bonuses.

Furthermore, we provide other services such as handling employee leaves of absence and licenses, cases of termination of employment, including dismissals, monthly preparation of payroll documents, settlement of back payments due to collective agreement revisions, negotiation with employees and works council, technical assistance in labor inspections, collaboration in the preparation of the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan, participation in collective bargaining, and more.

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