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2200 million euros returned by the soil clause

Banks continue to reimburse money after attending more than 502,564 petitions of clients who have demanded a refund

Banks continue to reimburse money after attending more than 502,564 petitions of clients who have demanded a refund for the extra costs in their mortgages. Consumers affected by abusive clauses in their mortgage have obtained a total of 2,226 million euros from banks . In this sense, claims for abusive soil clauses have a high degree of success.

The monitoring commission has estimated that around 90% of the admitted claims have been resolved with an agreement between the bank and the mortgaged. In this sense, more than 460,000 people from the more than 500,000 cases have preferred to recover their cash. The rest, about 40,000 debtors, has accepted an offer from the bank to improve the mortgage conditions.

extrajudicial agreement since the beginning of 2017

Given the great demand for claims for the land clauses and the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Spanish Government facilitated the extrajudicial agreements between banks and consumers. Following the Royal Decree approved in January 2017, the possibility of reaching agreements to avoid judicialization was allowed.

This is the claim process

The claim process is as follows. First, banking entities set the claim process and study each customer application. After the claim, the bank decides whether the clause has been abusive or not.

  • In the event that the bank decides not to compensate for the consumer, he may still demand it by judicial means.
  • In the event that the bank admits the application, you can agree to return the money or, agree on a reduction in the pending amount to amortize.

Bank rejects one in five requests

According to the data offered by the Monitoring Commission, of the 1,136,000 claims, a total of 223,000 have been dismissed. In this sense, the bank has understood that the clause was perfectly legal.

Likewise, a total of 386,000 demands have been inadmitted because the claimant is not and not have the mortgage a land clause.

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