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The bureaucracy, the main problem for half autonomous

& nbsp; 47% of self -employed consider that their main problem is the bureaucracy , as reflected in a study

47% of self -employed consider that their main problem is the bureaucracy , as reflected in a study by the Addeco and Infoempleo group. After surveying 500 professionals, the study derives that 47.45% estimate that the main problem is “high social and administrative charges.”

“An autonomous loses more than 11 days in paperwork per year,” said José Luis Perea, general secretary of the National Federation of Autonomous Workers. Therefore, administrative procedures are considered the biggest problem for self -employed in Spain.

main concerns of self -employed workers

In addition to bureaucratic loads (47.45%), the obstacles that self -employed have in their activity are:

  • Administrative loads (47.45%).
  • High taxation (42.5%).
  • Customer search (32.5%).
  • Get financing (29.7%).
  • Desleal competition and submerged economy (26.9%).
  • Mity (19%).
  • Regulatory framework too changing (9.37%).

errors with administration, focus of problems

Among the bureaucratic activities that the freelancers have to carry out, the procedures with the Treasury stand out, such as quarterly and annual VAT statements, IRPF, as well as the rental of the premises, operations records, etc.

Among the most frequent errors with the administration, the failures in the presentation of a periodic statement or carrying them out of limit are. In these cases, it is estimated that any delay can be a surcharge of up to 20% of the total amount, depending on the time that has elapsed since the original term.

Therefore, it is advisable
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For all this, and with the purpose of making time and money profitable, it is advisable to have a professional advisory service. In this way, you avoid devoting own resources for bureaucratic and administrative issues.

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