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Why does my company need an advisor?

In some initial meetings that we have in Verum Management with our clients this question arises: Why does

In some initial meetings that we have in Verum Management with our clients this question arises: Why does my company need advice services? The answer is simple and has multiple answers. That is why today we are going to talk about the benefits that a good advisor can report to your company and t i .

In addition, being a integral advice , we not only help you in tax issues, but we can also advise you on legal, labor, accounting, financial and business management aspects. Here we leave you the 7 recommendations for which it is advisable to have a comprehensive advisor for your business.

1. You will win the most valuable currency: the time

Currently, and more if you have an important position in the company, you will know that time is the most precious currency. Therefore, a comprehensive advice that allows advice in various fields (fiscal, financial, labor, accounting …), will make you profitable your time to the maximum.

2. Focus your work on what makes you optimize your business

The “cattle” time having a consulting can be translated into economic benefits for your company. If your advice is responsible for fiscal aspects, you can dedicate yourself exclusively to the company and the most productive tasks to obtain the maximum performance of your business.

In short, we take care of the advice, and so you can effectively dedicate yourself to your company: customer search, sales, management …

3. Contact without obligation. We want you to meet us!

In Verum Management we open our doors to know us and discover how to make your business profitable. Without commitment, a first contact is essential to see the degree of advisory-company affinity.

On the other hand, despite all the possibilities allowed by new communication technologies, there is nothing better than talking face to face to maximize a conversation. TRUE?

We are not a management, that is, not only “we process papers”, but also analyzed the information of our clients and we advise them in an integral way, seeing the set of their circumstances (company, natural person, group family, etc.) and we are proactive in terms of their needs. In short, we put ourselves in the skin of our clients to look for the best solutions.

4. Experience is a degree … and more in advice

In Verum we have more than 20 years of experience in advice to companies and individuals. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the sector we quickly detect those aspects where the client needs our help. This proactive and anticipation nature allows us to be a reference in comprehensive advisory services.

5. The tranquility of delegating professionals

The risk of a penalty is suggestible to the maximum if you have a reference and experience advice. Procedures, deadlines, documents, dates … We talk about having our heads in many places at the same time and, unintentionally, we can incur administrative offenses that entail sanctions. Why risk?

6. Proximity is key: the peace of mind to know that your advice is at hand

In the business world, unforeseen arises every two by three. Therefore, Verum is always open to our customers. Neither centralitas, nor operators, nor endless telephone processes.

If you need it, we meet and know in situ those aspects of your company likely to strengthen them. In short, we are face and help you solve your problems.

7. And most importantly: we are a comprehensive consulting

Through our integral service we will provide added value to your company. We not only limit ourselves to your project, but we advise and guide you in other aspects that may suppose an optimization of your company’s resources.

In addition, our team of consultants will periodically inform you of the novelties of the sector , as well as our new services, training courses, tax reforms … in short, you will be aware of everything that is useful for your company.

Our more than twenty years of experience and a great team of professionals await you in Verum Management . If you want more information, contact in and discover how we can help you.

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